Friday, March 9, 2007


The Trouble with the Apartheid Analogy - Joel Pollak
Last month, former U.S. president Jimmy Carter in a speech at Brandeis University cited a letter to the New York Times by Nelson Mandela laying out the case against Israel. Unfortunately for Israel's critics, the letter was a hoax, the creation of Arjan El Fassed, who runs an anti-Israel website called The Electronic Intifada. El-Fassed has admitted that he made the whole thing up, but the Mandela letter has now entered the anti-Israel canon alongside countless other fictions. (Business Day-South Africa)

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Professor AI said...

Here is a cnn story about Mandela visiting territories in 1999:

Mandela also addressed a special session of the Palestinian assembly, telling legislators that "the histories of our two peoples correspond in such painful and poignant ways that I intensely feel myself at home amongst my compatriots."

And here are carters exact words at Brandeis:

"Prominent Israelis, including a former attorney general, Ben Yair, who served under three prime ministers of both the Likud and Labor parties; scholars and legislators, including Mrs. Shulamit Aloni; editors of major newspapers, including Ha’aretz; human rights organizations, including B’Tselem; and a group of litigants who have recently in the last week appealed to the Israeli Supreme Court in Jerusalem have all used and explained the word “apartheid” in much harsher terms than I, pointing out that this cruel oppression is contrary to the tenets of the Jewish religious faith and contrary to the basic principles of the nation of Israel. Both Nelson Mandela and Bishop Tutu have visited the territories and used the same description."

What does it have to do with a fake letter to Friedman?