Monday, March 5, 2007


Israel, Iran get world's thumbs-down (The Age)
MIDDLE East powers Israel and Iran are seen as having a mostly negative influence on world affairs, according to a global opinion poll that tracked attitudes towards 12 countries and the European Union. Rated by 28,000 people in 27 countries, the adversaries scored the most negative responses, with almost as many people saying the same about North Korea and the US.

On average, 56 per cent of people in surveyed countries viewed Israel as having a negative influence, while 17 per cent said its influence was positive. Iran scored 54 per cent and 18 per cent. [ED. THAT'S RIGHT, THE WORLD VIEWS ISRAEL AS WORSE THAN IRAN - FURTHER PROOF THAT ISRAEL CAN'T RELY ON THE WORLD TO DETER IRAN'S NUKES]

The poll, conducted for the BBC World Service and partner media groups, including The Age, also revealed a dim global view of the US, which was given an average negative reading of 51 per cent, and North Korea, with 48 per cent.

But more people believed the US exerted a mostly positive influence — 30 per cent versus 19 per cent. (The evaluations of the US, released separately earlier this year, were published in The Age on January 23.)

It was the first time that Israel has been included in the list of countries ranked by the annual poll.

Iran's negative rating increased from an average of 47 per cent recorded in last year's larger survey of 33,000 respondents.

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