Monday, March 5, 2007


Where are the Palestinian peace activists? (
Extreme Israeli leftist peace activists demanded on Saturday that the government demolish the grave of a Jewish resident of Hebron who gunned down 29 “Palestinians” at the cave where Israel’s patriarchs are buried in 1994.

The call came after scuffles broke out between a group of fellow Hebron residents who had gathered in memory of the killer and police officers who were on hand to arrest anyone that displayed support for individuals or groups deemed to be “Jewish terrorists.”

Now, without getting into a debate over the actions of Baruch Goldstein, I want to point out the glaring contrasts between Israeli and “Palestinian” societies and their reaction to those in their midsts who take the lives of unarmed civilians on the other side.

When a few Jews gathered at the weekend to remember Goldstein, Israeli police showed up in force to make sure no one even whispered support for what he did.

When a “Palestinian” is killed in the process of murdering Israeli Jews, the residents of his town hold a massive street parade en route to his funeral that is usually sanctioned and protected by the Palestinian Authority police. The event is typically characterized by chants of support for the slaughter of Jews. No one is arrested for making such virulent calls.

Furthermore, despite the fact that Saturday’s memorial ceremony was so small and insignificant, it was distasteful enough for Israel’s “Peace Now” to loudly issue a pubic appeal for the destruction of Goldstein’s grave.

Now I am wondering, if the “Palestinians” are truly as interested in peace as the Israelis, where are the “Palestinian” peace activists demanding not only that their own militants cease their violent actions, but insisting on harsh official treatment of those who celebrate the murder of Israeli Jews?

It is time that we demand the world see this contrast: In one society, those deemed terrorists are vigorously persecuted, while in the other, murderers of men, women and children are gloriously celebrated.

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