Wednesday, January 30, 2008


'Egypt nabs terror cell in Sinai' (JPost)
Egyptian security forces apprehended a terror cell in the Sinai in recent days - comprised of five Palestinians in possession of explosives belts - that was planning to carry out attacks in Israel, the semi-official Egyptian paper Al-Ahram reported Wednesday morning. The paper also reported that Egyptian authorities set the beginning of next week as the final deadline for all of the Palestinians who breached the Rafah border and crossed into Egypt to return to the Gaza Strip.

The paper quoted “informed sources” as saying that the Egyptian forces also arrested another terror cell that crossed into Egypt with maps that pinpointed information on IDF bases along the border and the magnitude of forces stationed at each base.

According to the Al-Ahram report, the Palestinians offered large sums of money to Egyptian border guards so that they would allow them to drive trucks into the Sinai unimpeded.

Report: Egypt Thwarts Suicide Terror Attack Against Israel - Yoav Stern
Five Palestinian terrorists carrying explosives belts and reportedly planning a suicide attack against Israel were apprehended by the Egyptian authorities in recent days, the Egyptian daily 
Al-Ahramreported Wednesday. Al-Ahram reported that Egypt intends to erect a new border fence equipped with technological advances in order to "absolutely prevent infiltration, in keeping with the national security of Egypt." Other Palestinians were caught in Egypt with blueprints of the border crossings between Israel and Egypt, including the location of security posts and deployment of security personnel. Egyptian authorities also discovered sniper rifles and explosives among the suspects' belongings. (Ha'aretz)

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