Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Gazans reject fuel (Elder of Ziyon)
From Ma'an:

The Federation of Gaza Oil and Fuel Companies denounced Israel's decision on Monday night to allow bare minimum quantities of diesel fuel and natural into the Gaza Strip.

The General owners, oil and gas companies in Gaza today, Tuesday, rejected receiving mere quantities of diesel allocated to the humanitarian needs of the Agency for relief and received only diesel for electricity and natural gas for cooking.

Mahmoud Al-Khaznadar, the vice president of the Federation said: "The occupation allocated only 45,000 liters of diesel … for humanitarian purposes to hospitals and UNRWA and so on, except for quantities power station, which received 250,000 liters, except for the receipt of 200 tons of natural gas for cooking."

Al-Khaznadar said that 45,000 liters of dieselis not enough for civilian life in Gaza Strip.

He said Israeli Prime Minister Olmert's decision to provide just 2 million liters of diesel to the Gaza Strip's power plant is a circumvention of international law, treaties and conventions governing the treatment of a population under occupation.
When a people say explicitly that they'd rather die than compromise, whose fault is it when they die?

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