Friday, January 11, 2008


German Jews Protest Star of David Pro-Smoking T-Shirt (FOXNEWS)
FRANKFURT, Germany —

A T-shirt using a yellow Star of David to liken the treatment of smokers in Germany to that of Jews during Nazi rule has angered German Jews.
Earlier this week, after several German states introduced sweeping bans on smoking in restaurants and bars, an events planner called DMP started offering the T-shirt for sale on its Web site.

Click here to see a different picture of the T-shirt.

Jewish groups responded with outrage.

The operator of the Web site said on Friday that he had not sold any of the shirts and that it was a publicity stunt gone awry.

The only publicity it generated was from the angry response of German Jews; and it got the attention of public prosecutors who were investigating whether the shirt broke any laws.

"This is an absolute abuse of the Jewish genocide," the deputy president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Dieter Graumann, said Thursday. "It is a scandal to exploit the murder of the Jews in order to symbolize the people's desire to smoke."

The shirt features a yellow Star of David similar to the one Jews were forced to wear under the Nazis. The world "smoker" is written across the star instead of "Jew."

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