Friday, January 11, 2008


Holocaust Denial as an Anti-Zionist and Anti-Imperialist Tool for the European Far Left - Dave Rich (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)
The growth of an antiglobalization, anti-imperialist political movement has created a political space on the Left in which Holocaust denial is no longer taboo, if framed in an anti-Zionist context.
Mainstream Holocaust commemoration is increasingly under attack as a Zionist or imperialist tool. For some leftists, the contradiction between their antifascism and their anti-Zionism is solved by casting Jewish communities and the European far Right as political allies.

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Ian Thal said...

Because I happen to move in American left-wing circles, I have been documenting antisemitism and Holocaust Denial when I encounter it.

However, a few things I should stress in the American context:

1.) While left wing American antisemitism is heavily influenced by the rhetoric of European left-wing antisemitism-- this phenomenon, at least in the American context, is mostly restricted to fringe groups. The more centrist-left liberals have a low tolerance for antisemitism in all forms and is part of the wide coalition of American support for Israel.

2.) Part of the left-wing antisemitism is fueled by America's Christian-right. Despite the fact that the vast majority of American Jews vote with the Democrats, the Republicans misrepresent themselves as Israel's only friends in America-- which causes left-wing anti-Semites to perceive all Jews as right-wingers.