Thursday, January 10, 2008

Long Term Media Analysis: The BBC in 2007 (BackSpin)
Did the reporting at the BBC improve in the second half of the year? Find out by reading HonestReporting's latest long term media analysis.


  • In 2007, the BBC showed a greater interest in covering attacks in which Palestinians were the victims than in attacks targeting Israelis. The fact that only six articles were published about specific rocket terror attacks, despite the fact that the number of attacks increased dramatically in 2007, is a glaring omission.

  • The BBC is hesitant to use headlines that treat Palestinian attacks the same as those from the Israeli Defense Forces. This, despite the fact that Palestinian attacks can clearly be defined as terror attacks against civilians, and the IDF actions are clearly targeting terrorists. There is a great difference between "Israeli Planes Strike Gaza Strip" and "Rocket Injures Dozens in Israel." 

  • Anyone whose knowledge of the Israeli Palestinian conflict was limited to images on the BBC website would come away with the impression that Israel was almost always the aggressor and the Palestinians the victims.

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