Friday, January 11, 2008


Ms Magazine Rejects Ad Featuring Israeli Women (LGF)
The American Jewish Congress submitted a very inoffensive advertisement to Ms. Magazine, touting the political power of women in Israel—and Ms. rejected it: Feminist Magazine Rejects Ad Featuring Israeli Women.

Here’s the ad:

And here’s Ms. Magazine’s very weak excuse:

The magazine’s executive editor, Kathy Spillar, offered a different reason in an interview with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. She said that because two of the women photographed belong to the same political party, the advertisement showed favoritism. She added that an upcoming issue would feature a two-page profile of Ms. Livni. Officials at the American Jewish Congress said they conceived of the advertisement this past fall, when a member of its board suggested the group publicize the accomplishments of the three women. They first contacted the magazine in October about placing the advertisement, and they were working on its final details in mid-November when the magazine decided against running it. The advertisement was supposed to run inside the magazine and would have cost $3,800.

The director of the American Jewish Congress’ Commission for Women’s Empowerment, Harriet Kurlander, said a representative from the magazine told her the advertisement was too controversial and was likely to “cause a lot of opposition.”
According to the AJC statement, the congress was told by someone at Ms. "that publishing the ad 'will set off a firestorm' and that 'there are very strong opinions' on the subject."

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