Monday, January 21, 2008


New York Man Found With Pipe Bomb Stash Suspected of Targeting Synagogues (FoxNews)
NEW YORK — Investigators tried to determine Monday whether a man with a cache of pipe bombs and other weapons at his apartment was targeting synagogues and homes he had defaced in his Brooklyn neighborhood, a ranking police official said Monday.

Officers went to Ivan Ivanov's apartment after he reported being shot on Sunday evening, police said. Investigators, who said the wound to his finger was self-inflicted, discovered what appeared to be a homemade bomb and several other devices and weapons.

A police official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is continuing, said Ivanov told police he planned to use the explosives on a fishing trip, detonating the devices underwater to bring the fish to the surface.

Investigators seized his computer and were searching the files, the official said.

Police said they also discovered Ivanov had spray-painted anti-Semitic graffiti on three houses, two cars and on the staircases of two synagogues in his neighborhood in September.

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