Friday, January 18, 2008


Palestinian Press modifies UN remarks (Elder of Ziyon)

The UN released a statement yesterday:

Deeply concerned at the escalation of violence in Gaza, the West Bank and southern Israel, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called for an immediate halt to Palestinian sniper and rocket attacks, as well as maximum restraint by the Israeli Defence Forces.
But when Palestinian Press Agency reported on it, something was missing:
United Nations Secretary-General expressed concern about the Israeli escalation

Ban Ki-moon stressed the Secretary General of the United Nations, deeply concerned about the current escalation in the killings in Gaza and the West Bank.

In a press statement issued at dawn today, deeply regretted the bloodshed and the killing and wounding of civilians in the Palestinian territories, warning of the likelihood of further victims in the case are not calm the situation in the region.
Notice that this "news" agency somehow managed to overlook Ki-Moon's call for an "immediate halt" to Palestinian Arab rockets and shootings?

Once again, the PalArabs show no ability to comprehend that they have any responsibilities at all - to the point that they will censor any news stories that indicate that they are responsible for their actions. Everything, and I mean everything, is 100% Israel's fault.


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