Friday, January 11, 2008



Gandhi II: The Apology by David Hazony (Contentions)
Yesterday I brought to you the startling comments of Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mohandas Gandhi, in which he said that “Israel and the Jews are the biggest players” in a “culture of violence [that] is eventually going to destroy humanity.” (I neglected to mention that he also called Israel a “snake pit.”) Today he has posted an “apology,” which, in the sake of fairness, I now quote in full:

My Apology for My Poorly Worded Post
I am writing to correct some regrettable mis-impressions I have given in my comments on my blog this week. While I stand behind my criticisms of the use of violence by recent Israeli governments — and I have criticized the governments of the U.S., India and China in much the same way — I want to correct statements that I made with insufficient care, and that have inflicted unnecessary hurt and caused anger.

I do not believe and should not have implied that the policies of the Israeli government are reflective of the views of all Jewish people. Indeed, many are as concerned as I am by the use of violence for state purposes, by Israel and many other governments.

I do believe that when a people hold on to historic grievances too firmly it can lead to bitterness and the loss of support from those who would be friends. But as I have noted in previous writings, the suffering of the Jewish people, particularly in the Holocaust, was historic in its proportions. While we must strive for a future of peace that rejects violence, it is also important not to forget the past, lest we fail to learn from it. Having learned from it, we can then find the path to peace and rejection of violence through forgiveness.
I feel so much better now.

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