Monday, February 11, 2008


Jewish tourist booted from Belgian cafe (JTA)

An American tourist was kicked out of a cafe in Belgium for being Jewish.

Marcel Kalmann, a 64-year-old professor, told the Antwerp Jewish magazine Joods Actueel that he was ejected from the renowned restaurant Le Panier d'Or in Bruges after a waiter saw his yarmulke under his cap.

"We are not serving Jews, out of here," the magazine reported.

Kalmann also told Joods Actueel that he was mistreated at the police station where he went to file a report and was told the incident would not be considered anti-Semitic. He said he will file reports against both the restaurant and the police.

Kalmann was born in the Auschwitz concentration camp three days before its liberation.

The mayor of Bruges has ordered a police inquiry into the incident and apologized to Kalmann, the European Jewish Press reported.


Anonymous said...

his name was Marc Kalmann, and the argument was about money, not about the kippa. the person at fault was Mr Kalmann, who may not even be a professor, because no google searches point this out. the man was a crotcehy old fool.

Anonymous said...

it turns out this story was not true. Kalmann was not kicked out of the cafe because he was wearing a kippa, as he claimed, but because he was causing a scene by arguing about the high price for cofee in the tourist trap. read the yesjhiva blog on this. the owners have written a letter explaioning this. Kalmann got all worked up over money. It was not his kippa. It was his mind.