Thursday, February 21, 2008


Iran Urges UN to Condemn Israel - Edith M. Lederer
Iran urged the UN Security Council on Wednesday to condemn Israel over Prime Minister Olmert's Jan. 14 warning that all options were on the table when it comes to keeping Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Israeli UN Ambassador Dan Gillerman responded: "For a country whose leader describes a member state of the United Nations as a dirty microbe and a savage animal, to complain about others' statements is the height of hypocrisy," noting this was "coming from a country which is the world's major sponsor and exporter of terror." (AP)

Palestinians to report Israeli roadmap violations to US: official
RAMALLAH, West Bank (AFP) - The Palestinians will present monthly reports to the US listing any Israeli violations of the international roadmap peace blueprint, prime minister Salam Fayyad said on Wednesday.

The reports will also list measures taken by the Palestinian Authority to comply with the peace plan, he told journalists in Ramallah.

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