Thursday, February 14, 2008


The Dumbest Headline of the Day… Noah Pollak (Contentions)

…sits atop the New York Times‘
story on Mugniyah:

Bomb in Syria Kills Militant Sought as Terrorist

A militant who was sought as a terrorist? What the heck does that mean? Is the Times saying that Imah Mugniyah was not, in point of fact, a terrorist? Is there a person in the world who does not more perfectly deserve that appellation, or has the Times joined Reuters in refusing to use it? Sloppy thinking and sloppy writing. They go

How does the NY Times explain this headline?

Bomb in Syria Kills Militant Sought as Terrorist

UPDATE: Headlines in both the Houston Chronicle and the Globe and Mail give Mughniyeh the more respectable title of "Hezbollah official."

Notorious Hezbollah official wanted by U.S. killed
Leading Hezbollah official killed by bomb

But there's hope:

Hezbollah's most wanted terrorist died the way he lived

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