Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The facts, ma'am, just the facts by Rachel Raskin-Zrihen (Political Mavens)
“Underneath the homes and ragged streets of the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan, lie the remnants of a glorious Jewish past: coins, seals, a water tunnel hewn by a Judean king 2,700 years ago, a road that led to a biblical Temple,” writes Associated Press writer Matti Friedman.

While Israel says the archeological work helps it reconnect with its ancient heritage, some Palestinians contend the unearthing of these treasures is a political weapon to undermine their own links to Jerusalem, Friedman writes.

Arab/Muslim interests have long tried to prevent excavation of this and other historic sites. Often, they complain the work endangers buildings or are an attempt by Israel to grab land. But the real motivation is simpler and more sinister than that.

The history of Jerusalem and Israel are Jewish and pro-Palestinian forces want this to not be so. They want this so badly that they’ve done and said unconscionable things to try and mask the facts.

Ancient Jewish artifacts have reportedly been thrown into landfills in the dead of night to avoid their discovery by scientists, an irreplaceable loss to the historical record.

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