Friday, February 8, 2008


Why is AIPAC undermining attempts to financially isolate terror supporters? By Caroline B. Glick (JWR)

Josh Mandel is a first-term legislator in the State of Ohio's House of Representatives. He is also a US Marine Corps sergeant in reserves. Last year, Mandel arrived at the state house after a tour of duty in Iraq. There, he saw first-hand how Iran was fuelling the insurgency that is killing his fellow servicemen and Iraqi innocents. His experience led him to introduce a bill that would divest Ohio's public employee pension funds from companies that do business with Iran and fellow state sponsor of terror Sudan.

As his bill made its way through the various committees, Mandel's initiative received a body blow from an unexpected direction. AIPAC representatives approached him and asked him to pare down his bill's divestment requirements to include only companies that invest more than $20 million in Iran's oil and gas sector.

Mandel was surprised. Why should companies that invest in Iran's defense, telecommunications and other sectors be immune from divestment? AIPAC went over his head to Ohio's House Speaker Jon Hustead. Hustead amended the bill along AIPAC's suggested lines.

Mandel's experience is not unique.

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