Sunday, March 2, 2008


Independent Ballistics Report: IDF Didn't Kill al-Dura (BACKSPIN)

Haaretz quotes from an independent report by ballistics expert Jean-Claude Schlinger. Last week, Philippe Karsenty presented the report to a French court examining France 2 TV's footage of Mohammed al-Dura:

In his report, Schlinger wrote, "If Jamal [the boy's father] and Mohammed al-Dura were indeed struck by shots, then they could not have come from the Israeli position, from a technical point of view, but only from the direction of the Palestinian position."

He also wrote, "In view of the general context, and in light of many instances of staged incidents, there is no objective evidence that the child was killed and his father injured. It is very possible, therefore, that it is a case [in which the incident was] staged." . . .

This is the first time that an independent ballistics expert, not representing the State of Israel, undertook to examine Karsenty's claims.

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