Sunday, March 9, 2008


Al-Jazeera is Mouthpiece of Hamas (BackSpin)

AljazeeraFatah officials complain that Al-Jazeera is a mouthpiece of Hamas. And momentum for a West Bank boycott against the Qatar-based network is gathering steam. The Jerusalem Post explains:

Dozens of Fatah operatives have also signed a petition urging the PA to ban Al-Jazeera from operating in the West Bank.

Fatah claimed that Al-Jazeera has been openly inciting against its representatives for the past few years. It said the incitement reached its peak last June when the station appeared to support Hamas's violent takeover of the Gaza Strip.

Over the weekend there were renewed calls in Fatah to boycott Al-Jazeera in protest against its coverage of the last IDF operation in the Gaza Strip.

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