Monday, March 10, 2008


The Flying Donkey of Nablus (BackSpin)

DonkeyLast year, the Palestinians were throwing each other off the rooftops. It's a marked improvement then, that they're now tossingdonkeys from buildings instead. SeeShlomi's Story on the BBC:

Shlomi had been out on duty with the Israeli army, in one of their almost daily operations into Nablus.

His jeep came under attack. Not, in the first instance, from bomb or bullet.

A donkey had been pushed off a roof, and landed on the bonnet. Shlomi got out of the jeep. He shot the donkey, which was, he says, in some distress.

The next he knew, he'd been hit by a petrol bomb. He skidded on the glass and petrol, and broke his leg.

A Palestinian gunman then fired at him, hitting his leg three times.

Shlomi's fellow soldiers shot and killed the gunman.

Didn't PETA and Yasser Arafat iron out this problem?

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