Monday, March 31, 2008


Hamas’s Puppets by ABE GREENWALD (Commentary)

On March 30, Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV aired a children’s puppet show in which a child puppet stabs a George W. Bush puppet to death. Here’s the child’s indictment of Bush:

Child: “You killed daddy in the Iraq war. It’s true, you killed him in the Iraq war. As for my mom - you and the criminal Zionists killed her in Lebanon. You and the criminal Zionists also killed my younger and older brothers in the Gaza holocaust. I’m an orphan, you criminal!”

I have to admit, I love the Bush puppet’s Larry David-esque response:

Bush: “What are you talking about? Where did you come from? Don’t I have enough troubles already? Where did you come from?”

Good question. But this much is clear: If his father is Iraqi, his mother Lebanese, and his brothers Palestinian, the Democrats would champion him as being even better than Obama at leading America into a post-racial future.

Of course, the kid is an amalgam of all the Muslim victims of American and Zionist imperialism. Which sheds a curious light on the scene’s final exchange:

: “You are impure, Bush, so you are not allowed inside the White House.”

: “What are you saying?! Why am I not allowed into the White House?”

: “Because it has been turned into a great mosque for the nation of Islam. I will kill you just like Mu’az killed Abu Lahab. I will kill you, Bush, because that is your fate.”

Child stabs Bush repeatedly 

: “Ahhh, I killed him.”

But Abu Lahab was killed for rejecting Islam. These righteous anti-imperialists have the darndest time staying on message!

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