Thursday, March 13, 2008


Mainstream Media Anti-Israel Day


The mainstream media are back at it again today, promoting a completely phony moral equivalence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. After terrorists launched more rockets into Israel, trying to commit random mass murder, Israel struck back—and the news reports are full of garbage headlines like this: Warplanes, rockets end Gaza lull.

The New York Times dispenses with any sort of balance whatsoever and goes with straight-ahead Palestinian propaganda: Israeli Raid in West Bank Imperils Talk of Truce.

And the UN Secretary General is eagerly pandering to the antisemitic, terror-supporting Organization of the Islamic Conference: UN chief condemns Israeli attacks.

DAKAR (AFP) - UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday condemned Israel’s attacks on Palestinian civilians in a speech to a summit of Muslim leaders here.

Ban said Israel had employed “inappropriate and disproportionate use of force” in its renewed attacks on the Palestinian territories and called for an immediate ceasefire by both sides.

Highlighting the deaths of women and children in the Israeli attacks he said, “I condemn these acts and call on Israel to cease them” in his speech to the Organisation of the Islamic Conference summit.

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