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Condoleeza Rice Honors a Hizbullah / Fatah Propagandist as a Woman of Courage (IsraPundit)

For International Woman’s Day, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice convened eight women to be honored for the 2008 Secretary of State’s Awards for International Women of Courage ceremony. Of those eight women, oddly enough six were Muslim, as if Muslim women had cornered the market, making the “International” ceremony a rather parochial pat on the back for Muslims.

Of these six Muslim women, one has a rather interesting biography. Nibal Thawabteh. Undersecretary Dobriansky stated that she founded a newspaper, he oddly enough failed to mention its name. The newspaper’s name is Al-Hal and it is produced at Bir Zeit University’s media center where Nibal Thawabteh is also a lecturer.

Al-Hal is actually printed and distributed by Al Ayyam, which is the main mouthpiece of Fatah. Bir Zeit University itself is known as a hotbed for radical terrorism and its media institute benefits from infusions of international funding even as it turns out terrorist propagandists. But if you’re thinking that Condoleeza Rice could not have known all this and might have missed it, Nibal Thawabteh’s own resume available on multiple sites makes her terrorist affiliations incredibly clear.

While much of it has been designed to seem innocuous and appealing to the eyes of Western academics with buzzwords about education and illiteracy, there is this;

Script Writer and Director for Al Manar Satellite. Produced 9 Documentaries about Palestinian related issues 2003

Al Manar is of course Hizbullah satellite television and it doesn’t take much effort to imagine the sort of “Palestinian related issues” they would want as documentaries. Then there’s a stint as a writer and director for Ramattan Studios.

Script writer and director for many films as “The Palestinian Stones ” Ramattan Studios. 2003

Ramattan Studios last came to our attention when it was used as the go-between to release a tape of the two Fox News hostages.

Nibal Thawabteh is also on the Board of Directors of PYALARA. PYALARA is an organ of the PA’s youth organizations and promotes terrorism. She’s had a background in MIFTAH, a hyperactive propaganda outlet.

The best though comes under the heading of Training Experience which I’ll just screenshot as it’s rather straightforward. So straightforward even the dimmest State Department flack would have had no trouble understanding it. Just look at the last line.

In short Nibal Thawabteh has some rather ugly ties. She’s produced propaganda for Hizbullah, works for the Fatah press and has extensive connections to the Fatah political infrastructure. She’s even done political work for Hamas at one point it would seem. That’s a resume that should disqualify her from an invitation to the Benjamin Franklin Room while the Secretary of State holds a ceremony that awards her as one of the eight most courageous women in the world. We’ve gone from Mother Theresa to a terrorist press agent and days after Israel is recovering from a terrorist attack against a school, this award is doubly despicable.

Oh and one final inevitable note. Nibal Thawabteh is a consultant for the Carter Center.

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