Monday, March 24, 2008


Saddam Collected Information from PA on Potential Targets in Israel - Amir Oren
Saddam Hussein's intelligence service collected information on dozens of sites in Israel, including airports, other transportation centers, as well as scientific and religious centers that were thought to be potential targets for attacks. Among the sources providing intelligence to Saddam's regime was Force 17, the security force of Yasser Arafat, which planned and carried out attacks against Israeli targets from its Ramallah headquarters. This information emerged following the release of documents captured during the American invasion in 2003. The captured documents also detail a 2001 plan to release jailed Iraqis if they agreed to volunteer to carry out attacks on Israeli targets. (

SEE ALSO: Indyk was Hussein's target (JTA)
A former U.S. ambassador to Israel was targeted for assassination by the Saddam Hussein regime, according to top-secret Iraqi documents.

Martin Indyk, an Australian-bred Jew, was listed in a U.S. Institute for Defense Analyses report released this week by the Pentagon on the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

The Pentagon said the paper provides “strong evidence” of the links between Saddam’s regime and global terrorism.

Indyk, who served two separate diplomatic terms in Tel Aviv, is mentioned in a letter to Baghdad from terrorist leaders in the Gaza Strip. The suggestion to “eliminate” Indyk was based on his apparent involvement in cooperative activities between Israelis and Palestinians.

An Australian newspaper reported Saturday that Indyk, a native of Britain, was unaware of the plot but said the letter was written on June 30, 2001 -- his last day as U.S. ambassador to Israel.

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