Thursday, March 13, 2008


Palestinian Hate Speech Goes to Hawaii


There isn’t a single state or a single college campus in America that’s free of the terror-enabling propaganda of Palestinian front groups like Al Awda—and that includes Hawaii. From the University of Hawaii’s campus newspaper (and get a load of the headline):Free Hawai’i. Free Palestine.

Featuring Hawaii’s version of Ward Churchill, Haunani Trask:

Speakers from all over the U.S. will sit on panels, addressing topics ranging from the politics affecting the Palestinian government by the U.S. to a comparison of the native people of Palestine and the native people of Hawai‘i, the latter featuring UH Hawaiian studies professor Haunani Trask.

“The corollaries are there,” Trask said. “Both are occupied, indigenous, forced to leave their country, and divided by blood quantum” as a part of the bigger “elimination of the native” plot.

Trask is a Native Hawaiian advocate who finds the situation of natives to be generally the same in most cultures. She believes that the state of Hawai‘i is not “as bad as the Palestinians because they are at war,” but the future of Hawai‘i is not far behind Palestine if change is not pursued now.

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